Project Description

Dear Sertorio and Marlene

Greetings to you and I hope that all is well with you.

This serves to inform you of my sincere appreciation for your continued support and opportunity to equip my skills

with Portuguese lessons. This has been a wonderful experience  and a life time opportunity. I am very grateful to Ntwanano

Tours for considering my name when there was no one available to attend the Portuguese lessons from your side .

This has been a learning curve and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I am proud to say that the final exam for the beginners course I achieved 80%.

This made me qualify to proceed with the advanced course which was a bit tougher but through hard work and forming study groups

It became much better. The first test for the advanced course we all got between 50% and 70% nobody was above 70%.

This showed clearly that things were no longer simple.

The final exam was not so tough so I am positive sure that I will make it. I am currently waiting for results from Wits University.

Once they are done with the marking, we will be notified of the results and graduation day. The Department is also planning a 2day

tour of all students to Maputo where we will be exposed to an environment where we will only communicate in Portuguese .

Once again, Thank you so much for the positive impact that you have had in my life, your contribution, your generosity does not go unnoticed.

May the Good Lord richly bless you as a family and as a business, may you continue to grow and prosper in your lives.

Attached please find pictures taken on the final day of the Portuguese class. Enjoy!

Kind Regards

Marcia Dlamini