Project Description

Dear Sertorio,
First of all we would like to thank you so much for a very pleasant drive with you through the Kruger National Park and the Panorama Route. We indeed enjoyed your company and your in depth knowledge and have referred to you many times already!

We have now arrived safely in Angola after some relaxing days in Bazaruto. We have not arragend all the photos yet, and will get back to you as promised with some copies as soon as we have browsed the big number of images.

However, did find some small items in your car when we left you at the Mozambican border? One in the party could not find a small plastic bag with some items purchased at God’s window. It might be hidden under some of the seats. Nothing valuable (a wooden cheetah and some pillow covers), but still some memories from the trip that we did not find and could not replace elsewhere. If so, and in case you did not already throw it away, would it be possible for you to send it to our address in Norway? We will of course reimburse the expenses in the best possible way, either directly to you or through Dana if that is easier.

Thanking you in advance,
all the best from the Vea family,

Reidun Vea

Gronsundaasen 55B
N-1394 Nesbru