A Kruger National Park Safari

Our morning start early. Doing the rounds of collecting the Safari visitors happening well before sunrise in the small hours of the Saturday morning. Joining me on the trip are two families from Mozambique with member’s ages ranging from 5 to 50.
This is a large group and we will travel […]

Dasha School visits the Movies

While most of us noticed the heat and humidity in the air on the last Thursday of February, it was the excitement of going to the movies that hit you like a heatwave upon entering Dasha School in Mbombela (Nelspruit).
Situated in the western part of Mbombela, the school has 47 learners […]

Authentic Eco-Cultural Tour

Perched on the edge of the 500m high Lubombo Mountains, overlooking the valley and the three Reserves (Mbuluzi, Mlawula & Hlane), the seven natural thatch and stone huts with their traditional Swazi rondavel architectural style lies in silent witness to time past and times present.

It is here, in rural Swaziland, that the total emersion into African culture, […]