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soweto life pic 2MTPA throws down the gauntlet by considering Disabled/Blind tourism!

TOURISM in Mpumalanga has found a niche in the form of Disabled/Blind Tourism, which has been overlooked by others in the sector.

As part of its unfolding tourism month celebrations, the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency (MTPA) hosted familiarization trips by involving ‘members of the fourth estate’ and the Sukumani Mpumalanga Association for the Blind to be part of the three-day domestic tourism event.

The purpose of the familiarization trips was to identify tourism spots which in the past were ignored or not considered by the locals as ‘hot or happening’ in the province.

The province of Mpumalanga which loosely translated means ‘where the sun rises’ is synonymous with international tourists owing to its world class destinations, yet according to National Department of Tourism is still within the bracket of six least visited provinces in the country.

Yes, this may sound awkward but its’ true!

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