SERTORIO is fluent in English, Portuguese, xiTsonga and other South African languages.

Moreover, he has extensive experience as an educator, social development practitioner, consultant and entrepreneur. The skills – acquired on his many work-related and leisure travels in Africa, Europe and the United States of America – are evident to his guests when developing unique customer-centered packages filled with innovative ideas.

A traveler once commented

“travelling with Sertorio as guide, his patience and knowledgeable nature, soon has one at ease. For the past 12 years, no challenge has been too great and no detail too small to warrant his full and unreserved attention in delivering tourism packages of outstanding value”.

It is through these skill-set that Sertorio has been awarded with

  • the 2009 ABSA Business Banking/KLCBT Hospitality Small Enterprise Award and 
  • the 2012/2013 Emerging Tourism Enterprise of the Year Award (ETEYA) Provincial Winner for Mpumalanga and a National Finalist.



GIZELA KHENSANI is a Jewellery designer and manufacturer by profession and spends most of her extra time fulfilling a myriad of functions in the company. She assists with accounting and administration, but also serves as substitute professional driver when need arises. Gizela is fluent in English, xiTsonga, and Portuguese.



MARLENE, a Lawyer  by profession, has a keen interest in Public Relations. She has for more than 15 years worked as a Personal Assistant, Secretary and Administration officer. This has exposed her to the ever-demanding ethos required in any public and private domains.

Over the years, she has acquired effective and efficient planning, organizational and overall leadership and analytic skills examples of which include: creativity, independent work and customer-care. Such qualities have proved indispensable in her working environment. Her successive on-the-job training and years of experience have contributed to the betterment of her linguistic skills and administrative routines. Currently, she manages the day-to-day running of the business with special focus on administration and accounts.

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